3 Strategies to Get More Reviews

Reviews are an important part of your local presence. Not only do reviews positively impact your position on local map results but consumers are more likely to trust a business with recent reviews.

How do you get more reviews?

Ask Your Customers

This may seem obvious but any interaction with a customer is an opportunity to ask for a review. Make sure every interaction ends with a request for a review

Make Reviews Easy

Do not create any barrier to leaving a review. Keep the instructions simple and make it easy for customers to find a way to leave your reviews. Link directly to the desired review page, start with Google + then extend to other channels.

Remind Past Clients

Set up an automated email to remind customers reviews are valuable to your business. Do not request positive feedback but ask for a candid review in order to improve your business.


What the Local Maps Update Means for Your Business

For the past year Google has been consistently displaying 7 businesses for local searches. This is commonly referred to as the 7-pack.

Early in August, the 7 pack seemed to have disappeared from all the search results pages. However, Google now only displays a 3-pack.

3 Pack Search Results

Google 3 pack map results


How does this impact your business?

This was great news for businesses appearing in the top 3 results. The remaining businesses now find themselves buried in the search results.

Was your business impacted? If so start focusing on local map optimization. Make sure your Google My Business information is up to date. Focus on finding the top local citations and ensure these citations are consistent across all the local business directories.

Get your business back on the map, order a CitationSPY  report today!