Local Citation FAQs

What is a Local Business Citation?

A citation occurs when a website listed important details about your business such as your business name, address, and phone number. Websites such as directories and local business associations are good examples of places that a citation could be placed for your business.

Why Are Citations Important?

Citations are a big part of any local marketing effort for your business for several reasons. Google takes great consideration into the number of citations, as well as the quality of citations, for businesses when ranking their business listings. More citations results in more exposure on Google maps.

Google is an important location for your local business, however only about half of local searches are completed on Google.  Other local directories and vertical websites are searched frequently making citations an important way to reach potential customers.

Citation building ensures your business is listed in many different places, which increases the chances that somebody will come across it and check out your business. Also, listings in prominent directories such as Yelp and CitySearch make your company appear more professional, building trust in customers.

What Are Local Citations?

Local citations are especially important for small businesses. When someone wants to find information about your business, they’re going to turn to the Internet and are going to do a quick local search. It is important that contact information be one of the top pieces of information that is presented in search engines so that people can easily find your business, or make a quick phone call to ask about it. In fact, contact information is the single most important aspect of marketing online, as that is what customers are most likely going to be searching for.

My Business Does Not Have A Physical Location, Do I Still Need Citations?

Yes! Google and other location directories recognize many local businesses do not have a physical storefront. It is still important to get your Business Name, City, and Phone number listed in as many places as possible.  This will help build the credibility and trust of your business allowing more exposure on local maps.

How Can You Rank Your Business Higher On Google Maps?

There are a number of factors that influence position on Google maps.  Proximity is the most important factor but after this there a number of key influencers.

Citation quality and quantity are an important factor in establishing a much higher ranking than businesses that didn’t have many citations.

Having a verified and active presence on Google + will also help influence the business map position.

Finally every business should actively seek reviews and their Google+ profile to continue to build their credibility.

How Much Does CitationSPY Cost?

A custom CitationSPY report will examine the top locations on Google maps for a target search phrase. Each location is examined and their citation profile is evaluated to determine the most important citation sources for your business. All this information is provided for a one time payment of $47.

Does CitationSPY Provide Discounts for Multiple Orders?

Please contact us if you have large orders to discuss wholesale pricing.