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Start establishing the map presence you need, get started with a CitationSPY report today.

Enter the target search phrase you would like researched such as, “Dentist Phoenix.”

Our team will go to work identifying the current top businesses listed on Google maps. We evaluate all the top businesses and rank their citation sources by priority. Once the report is complete, it will be delivered to the PayPal email address.

These citation sources are the top locations for your business to be listed. Submitting business details to these top locations will help increase the prominence of a business on Google maps.


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*All orders take approximately 24 hours to process. Priority and wholesale orders available, request details using the above form.

What Is Included With Your CitationSPY Report?

  • Citation Review –  Top 3 Businesses in Google Search Results
  • Citation Scoring – Evaluating the most important sources
  • Citation Report – Complete Report evaluating all citation sources.

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